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R. Glenn Barned

2290 Nicki Place, Victoria B.C. V9B 0E5
Mobile: 250.588-RGBE (7423)
Email: gbarned@shaw.ca


Spending time in nature, art, writing and the metaphysical




The RGBE Logo Story

Our Logo was developed in 1992 from just the block letters for the initials, "R", "G", "B", and "E" super-imposed over each other. When taking this to the designer to develop the logo further they insisted on trying it with colours, hence, the addition of the red, green, blue and yellow hues to the Logo.

The designers were very pleased with themselves as they explained that the colours also matched the name letters; RED for "R", GREEN for "G", and BLUE for "B". I informed them that the logo colours matched to the name was great, but that I did not know of a yellow hue that started with the letter "E". They then stated "Egg Yolk!" and with that... the story that everyone would be able to remember the Company colours and name, was created!



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