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R. Glenn Barned
Professional OH&S Consultant

2290 Nicki Place, Victoria B.C. V9B 0E5
Mobile: 250.588-RGBE (7423)
Email: gbarned@rgbe4hse.com


Leaders in Occupational Health & Safety Services

Explanations of Professional Designations

CRSP - Canadian Registered Safety Professional

A CRSP is an individual:

  • who has met the academic, experience and examination requirements of a national registration authority.
  • with in-depth knowledge of health and safety principles and practices who uses this knowledge to develop systems in your workplace in order to achieve optimum control over hazards detrimental to people, equipment, material and the environment.
  • committed to the principles of loss control, accident prevention and environmental protection.
  • whose knowledge and skills are continually upgraded through a certification maintenance program to ensure you always have a qualified, up-to-date professional managing your health and safety interests.
  • committed to managing the organization’s health and safety issues and concerns according to a Code of Ethics.

Additional Benefits Of Employing a CRSP:

  • You’ll have a professional with a portable designation that is recognized nationally and internationally.
  • You’ll save money! Since a CRSP can step into the job, this eliminates the need for your organization to invest in training someone about health and safety.
  • You get a pre-screened individual to help expedite your own recruitment process.

The Qualifications that a CRSP Brings To Your Organization:

  • Successful completion of applicable education.
  • A minimum of 3 years of continuous safety experience in a full-time capacity.
  • Successful completion of a peer examination.
  • Continuous updating of knowledge through a certification maintenance program that demands ongoing professional development.

CHSC - The Certified Health and Safety Consultant

Instituted in 1994 by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, this designation is the premier certification of leading OHSE Professionals. It recognizes and promotes excellence in professional consulting within and to business and industry and government agencies at all levels. CHSCs provide consultative leadership in workplaces and communities across the nation and around the world. The CHSC designation signals to employers, colleagues, clients, and to the public that the OHS&E Professional has met prescribed academic and experience standards and received specialized training beyond technical knowledge and skills in the field. The CHSC holder has completed specialized training and has passed mandatory examinations on ethics, legal obligations and liabilities, measurement and evaluation in OHS managed systems, and leadership on health, safety, and environmental issues. The CHSC program is applicable to internal health and safety advisors or external consultants in private practice.

All CHSCs in Good Standing are CSSE members with liability insurance or company indemnification equivalent and by maintaining their designation through on-going Continuing Education, Professional Practice, and Leadership and Volunteer Activities.

CES - Certified Ergonomic Specialist

The Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES) Designation Program is based on the latest ergonomic research and teaches participants how to apply ergonomic theory in a practical manner to any workplace manufacturing, services or office application. The designation is awarded to participants who pass four courses and complete a special project.

CHRP - Certified Human Resources Professional

Hire Performance and Professionalism. Hire a CHRP. In the era of human capital, the organizations that succeed are those with teams of high performance individuals - born leaders who consistently demonstrate continual learning, excellence and expertise. Successful organizations also look for true professionals with a genuine passion for their work and a clear commitment to ethical behaviour. In human resources, the mark of such an individual is the CHRP - Certified Human Resources Professional. The CHRP designation is the nationally recognized designation awarded to individuals who meet high standards for knowledge, performance and professionalism.

The RGBE Logo Story

Our Logo was developed in 1992 from just the block letters for the initials, "R", "G", "B", and "E" super-imposed over each other. When taking this to the designer to develop the logo further they insisted on trying it with colours, hence, the addition of the red, green, blue and yellow hues to the Logo.

The designers were very pleased with themselves as they explained that the colours also matched the name letters; RED for "R", GREEN for "G", and BLUE for "B". I informed them that the logo colours matched to the name was great, but that I did not know of a yellow hue that started with the letter "E". They then stated "Egg Yolk!" and with that... the story that everyone would be able to remember the Company colours and name, was created!

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I am a blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the training and I did learn a lot plus I got to meet a real legend in Glenn.

Edward R. Gilbert CRSP
Senior Safety Consultant, Telus


As a safety practitioner Glenn can be counted on to get things done professionally, whether it involves training or program development.

John Boerefyn
VP, Treasurer and President positions Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

Your RGB Enterprises Guarantee:

• Professional HSE Consultant and Instructor with years of practical business experience and a superior track record of success

• Training success with results generated from assessments, individualized designs and adult oriented delivery

• Generalist HSE Professional with a practical business understanding and a wide variety of expert associates available to assist with any aspect of HSE or anything relating to HSE