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WorkSafeBC / WCB / HRSDC Issues

• WCB & HRSDC Orders & Appeals
Assisting Companies with planning a response to any Orders, launching appeals as required, and assisting with any planned actions or programs.

• WCB Claims Management Programs
Assisting Companies setting up appropriate Claim’s Management processes.

• WCB Claims Protests & Appeals
Assisting Companies with setting up programs or specific claim protests or appeals.

• Return To Work Programs
Assisting Companies in setting up a comprehensive Return To Work (RTW) process/program. Assist with training and implementing the RTW Program.

• Liaison activities with WorkSafeBC and HRSDC Officers and staff
Assisting Companies in dealing with the bureaucracies of WCB/WorkSafeBC and HRSDC. Assisting in areas of Assessments, Orders, Appeals, or any other issues as they arise.


Strategy• Strategic Advice & Planning
Providing assistance to Companies in the overall Strategic Planning process, especially in light of the inclusion of HSE as an integrated approach to Operations.

• Data Collection and Analysis
Assisting Companies in identifying "following" and "leading" indicators, setting up collection and monitoring processes, and assisting with an analysis and decision making process.

• Due Diligence Advice & Counsel
Assisting Companies who are striving to achieve and surpass "compliance" to a level of at least "Due Diligence", to ensure a safe program and staff, as well as a reduced risk of regulatory issues.

• Problem Root Causes Determination
Assisting Companies with setting up appropriate "Root Cause" identification "Investigation" procedures. Assist with setting up and/or implementing Hazard Identification, Root Cause Analysis and Control programs and Training.

• Problem Resolution
Assist Companies with specific Problem or Incident Investigation processes, determining multiple Root Causes, analysis of the investigations results, identifying potential solutions, and prioritizing those solutions. Assisting with implementation as required or requested.

• Research
Assisting Companies with research in the complicated and varied OH&S field.

• Tailored Results
RGB Enterprises has a strong belief that programs and training that are specifically tailored for a company’s individualistic needs have the best strategic and sustained effect. With it’s proven track record of needs assessment, planning and implementing customized programs and training, RGB Enterprises is sure it can assist any Company with ongoing continuous improvement activities.

Leaders in Occupational Health & Safety Services

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Services & Training
Health & Safety

RGB Enterprises offers a wide range
of Occupational Health and Safety
Consulting and Training Services including:

• Accident Investigations
• Audits
• Business Continuity
• Claim’s Appeals
• Claim’s Management
• Custom Training
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Due Diligence Advice
• Emergency Preparedness
• Emergency Response Programs
• Ergonomic Assessments
• Ergonomic Programs
• Hazard Identification
• Inspections
• MSI Prevention Programs
• OH&S Program Development
• WorkSafeBC Order Appeals
• Problem Resolution
• Program Development
• Program Implementation
• Research
• Return To Work Programs
• Risk Assessments
• Safe Work Procedures,
• Strategic Advice & Planning
• Tailored Results
• Training Development
• Training Delivery

and more ....